Welcome to Chestry!

Chestry is your personal place where you can connect all your social media accounts plus some additional info and exchange them with your friends. Stay up to date about your friends' social media by connecting with him or her and get notified about changes in your feed.



Stay up to date

Stay up to date about your friends' social media by connecting with him or her and get notified about changes in your feed.


Find everything

If you know one social media address of a person, search for it and connect further with him or her.


Be the Boss

You are the boss: change your privacy settings for each input. You can set it to private, for registered users only or public.


One link, all of your stuff

One link, all of your stuff: get one personal link and place it for example into your Instagram Bio. If someone clicks on the link, he will get an overview of all your stuff.

Privacy is important.

We think that privacy is very important. That's why we wanted to create a safe place to exchange your Social Media Accounts with others. To reach this goal we are using modern security technologies like two factor authentication and hosting Chestry in Germany.

Search and connect.

Thanks to Chestry it can be enough to know only the name or one Social Media Account of a person to connect with him or her.

One link, all opportunities.

Having one link for all of your needs is fantastic. With Chestry you can collect all your Social Media Accounts and other things like phone number, age, etc. within one link. This is your personal Entry URL, which enables you to exchange your Accounts and find new contacts.

Stay up to date.

Thanks to the Chestry Feed you are always up to date, if one of your connected friends changes something or adds something in his or her Entry, you will get notified in your Feed.

It's all there.

Repost things from Instagram or Twitter and show yourself at your best . In addition, you can write Chestry posts, which are a mixture of text, links and lists. Create a profile like never before by combining postings from different platforms on one page.

Even more links.

Add links outside the Index to the Linkbox and allow others to access your individual links.

Chestry - for whom?

Chestry can be used by everyone - if it's a company, an influencer or a private citizen... Companies show their customers all their Social Media Accounts and give them the opportunity to stay up to date about the company's products and services. Influencers have the opportunity to communicate on a new basis with their fans and give them the choice to communicate further and keep up to date. For private citizens it's a great chance to contact friends or workmates and communicate with new people.


Are you ready?

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