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I am a current student. I am finishing up two AS Degrees in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship. I just changed my major to Biology and have decided to become a Pre-Med student. In order to be able to go to school full time, I plan on finishing up my real estate licensing and have my online store and blogs flourish this summer, 2019. If this happens then I will be able to continue my schooling and hopefully become an endocrinologist or work in nano medicine or biotechnology. Your support is greatly appreciated!  I am a board licensed esthetician, and a designer. I design jewelry, fashion, and websites and attended FIDM for a couple semesters in my early days before I got into the beauty industry where I worked at Dermalogica; the equivalent to Paul Mitchel but in skin care. 

Some of my hobbies include dining and foodie adventures. I also love to live a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and taking plant based nutrients in the form of vitamins and smoothies! I am a big smoothie fanatic! I currently enjoy my social media coordinator position at, Proactive SEO Solutions. They an amazing team who do SEO and websites like nobodies business!

Another thing I am into is helping amplify activists voices and being an activist. I did not think I would do something like this, but because of my background in organization and event planning and always having been around politics growing up, I feel compelled to help. It is important to note I was raised in a political family and grew up with politics and current events always at the center of most family conversations. 

So here I am currently fighting for and helping the Unity4j project that is seeking to help bring light to the plight of innocent man, journalist, publisher, and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Julian Assange! He is a great hero to democracy and the United States republic. His actions have embodied what American values have always been or wanted to be, and should truly stand for! 

That's all for now! Stay tuned for amazing things to come! Join me on my journey in life, fun, fashion, activism, foodie, and medicine! Hope to do cooking videos or fun fashion videos in the future, until then have a fabulous day! 


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